About Us

Sky High Condos

Sky High Condos, we are more than just an a real estate firm — we are “Your Partners in an Evolving World.”

When working with our clients, we take a hands-on approach. We are heavily involved and ensure that every client receives the attention and knowledgeable service they deserve. We understand our clients’ needs and provide custom solutions to address them. Above all, we focus on fostering strong, enduring relationships to help our clients achieve success and reach their goals.

Charn Hansra, CPA, CA, REALTOR
Phone: (416) 520-8449
Email: charn@skyhighcondos.com
Charn thrives on positively influencing other people’s lives. He develops wealth management and investment strategies for his clients to help them achieve optimal investment growth with minimal stress. Charn’s services are comprehensive and include full cycle investment assistance. Charn helps his clients purpose-built apartment buildings and pre-construction developments and commercial shopping plazas that demonstrate a high return on investment potential. Charn’s mantra is “Health is Wealth” – he works out every day, looks after himself, and loves being outside. Therefore, clients call him about important lifestyle choices, as well as tax and wealth management strategies. He always returns calls and emails within 24 hours.

Married with two children, Charn enjoys reading business advisory books, going on adventures, and watching his kids’ karate, swimming, gymnastics and skating lessons, as well as taking golf lessons for himself.