Stations Park



Project Vision

Situated conveniently along the new ION line,and in close proximity to high-tech employment centres, Station Park is in the perfect position to
be the ideal place to live in Downtown Kitchener.

A lot of care has gone into the planning of this development to ensure that it provides staple amenities that meet the needs of those living in Station Park and the community, as well as unique, boutique features to set it apart from everywhere else in town. It will feature a mix of residential, office, retail, restaurant, and outdoor public spaces to create a bustling, vibrant, and diverse gathering space for all. These modern, urban amenities will surround and compliment the restoration and preservation of the historic Kaufman mansion, which will be integrated into the ecosystem as a public-use space.

About The Developer

Since 1972, VanMar Developments has designed and developed buildings across Canada and the United States that instil confidence, pride and that special feeling of home. In recent years, VanMar has built numerous upscale condominiums in prestigious locations throughout British Columbia and Southern Ontario. The most recent local success are the Caroline St. Private Residences in Uptown Waterloo.

Today, VanMar has a first-class reputation as a trusted developer and is highly regarded by homeowners, lenders, investors and designers. Their extensive experience in the design and development of all forms of housing has given them a wealth of knowledge and the capability to ensure the highest quality workmanship and value.

New Owner, New Plan, And A New Name For 607 King St. W. 03

Press Release

KITCHENER, ON, December 20th, 2018 – VanMar Developments, a division of VanMar Constructors Inc., is pleased to announce that they have acquired 607-641 King St. W., Kitchener.

They are currently in the process of re-imagining the previously announced SIXO Midtown project with a new vision called Station Park.
Station Park will engage the local community with an exciting combination of residential, retail, office, and public spaces to establish it as a landmark destination between Kitchener and Waterloo.
The project also emcompasses the long- awaited restoration of the historic Kaufman mansion, which will sit at the heart of the new development.

Planning is still in early stages, and further details about Station Park will be released in early spring.

Published Articles

“We immediately recognized that it is surrounded by a number of characteristics and features that make it an ideal place to live in Downtown Kitchener. It ’s close to transit lines, the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy, and high-tech employment centres. ”

Art Van Maren
President of VanMar

Kitchener Post – “Kitchener Sixo site acquired by new developer, being ‘reimagined ’ ”–30m-sale-of-sixo-site-seen-as-a-huge-vote-of-confidence-in-kitchener/

Waterloo Record – “$30M sale of Sixo site seen as a huge vote of confidence in Kitchener ”–30m-sale-of-sixo-site-seen-as-a-huge-vote-of-confidence-in-kitchener/

Station Park ’s Brand

Downtown Kitchener ’s history shines through in the subtle details of Station Park.
A major source of thematic inspiration for Station Park grew out of its location in Downtown Kitchener, as it neighbours what used to be the Berlin Station on the Grand Trunk Railway, now Kitchener ’s VIA Rail station. The “O ” glyph used in many of the project ’s marketing materials, and the branded name of the development, is no exception despite its minimalist design.

The idea for this wordmark was framed around the concept of a full-frontal view of an oncoming train. This design was pared down piece-by-piece until it was simply the “O ” with the embellishment underneath. In its simplest form, the glyph subtly reminds you of a train without obviously resembling one.

Playing with the vintage inspiration from the Grand Trunk Railway, and blending it with modern design sensibilities created a versatile branding element, while simultaneously paying homage to a piece of Downtown Kitchener ’s rich history.